Being Me, Loving You: Creating and Living a Healthy Relationship:The Hague, NL, Sept 24-27

Come and join us in The Hague, Sept 24-27, to create genuine, harmonious relationships that are based on deep emotional connection and growth, both individually and as a couple. With our focus on needs based communication (otherwise known as Compassionate or Nonviolent Communication) we help couples move away from the level of strategies and thoughts, which is where the conflicts and judgements of each other are often embedded. We supportively and safely guide the partners to a different level of relating, person to person from the heart. For more information contact Jerry Zondervan or Gordana Stankovic (both counselling in psychology) on +447917299297 or on (please make adjustments; e-mail written this way to prevent spam) healthyretreats (at) caring-for (dot) eu

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Price per couple 550 Euro. Single participants pay half.